Liberty Commons, Benson, March 5, 2013

Had a great time playing for the Liberty Commons Assisted Living seniors. Billy Johnston’s mom, Gladys, lives there and is our biggest supporter. When she used to stay with Billy, she always looked forward to our practices and would sing alto for us. She just recently turned a young 96. See her in our picture section.

Union Chapel Baptist Church, Zebulon, NC, February 16, 2013

In spite of the wet, cold weather and winter advisory warning, the Union Chapel Baptist Church had their senior dinner anyway with good attendance. And three of the Trailblazers made it also. We had to settle for two part harmony and sorely missed Billy’s baritone but had a great time of fellowship and singing with the group, along with a delicious country meal.

Cape Fear Trail Riding Club, February 9, 2013

Saturday evening we loaded up Billy’s van and headed for the Holiday Inn in Fayetteville where the Cape Fear Trail Riding Club was holding its annual banquet. We finally got all our audio equipment set up and working (?)….boy what an aggravation! But the DJ for the night helped us out immensely. Our thanks to him! The performance was fun even with our senior moments like when I could not find my kapo…it was clamped on the end of my guitar neck where it always is! And we even started one song over cuz it just didn’t sound right to me. But it sounded fine the second time. Are my ears getting senior also? The group of cowboys and cowgirls were very appreciative so that made it worth it all.

Pilot Baptist Church Seniors’ Group

Had a great time with the ┬áPilot Baptist Church Senior group today. Only Billy and I were available so we were apprehensive that just the two of us wouldn’t come across that well. But they did not seem to care; their theme was Cowboy Day and the lunch was Mexican style. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the entertainment and they were such gracious hosts. They insisted that Billy and I go through the food line first. And you know, it’s hard for a cowboy to not let the ladies go first! But one kind lady followed me through the line and when my salad bowl was filled she took it to the table for me and then came back and got my plate to carry it for me. We weren’t used to this kind of service but these ladies were great examples of Christian servants What a pleasant time Billy and I had!

Brooks Ave. church of Christ Seniors Saints, Dec. 30, 2012

The Trailblazers closed out our year with a performance for the Brooks Ave. church of Christ Senior Saints with about 70 in attendance. We had a great meal and a great time singing for a very responsive audience, many who grew up with the Sons of the Pioneers music. The people at Brooks were very gracious. And, of course, for me, the Wannabe Cowboy, this was a very special time since I’ve been around the Brooks Ave. church for about 41 years. (well, my math still doesn’t quite work out since I’m only 39!)

Our First Blog

By the end of the year, The Trailblazers will have done 12 performances for the 2012 season. We played at Liberty Commons Assisted Living in Benson, the Benson Senior Center, Magnolia Cowboy Church in Wendell, Clayton Baptist Church Seniors’ Group, Forest Hills Baptist Church Seniors’ group, Circle M City in Tramway, Milo Holt Day in Siler City, Wild Bill’s Western Town in Brogden, Clayton Fall Festival, Mule Days in Benson and at the Western Film Preservation Society in Raleigh. We plan to close the year with a performance for the Brooks Ave. church of Christ seniors’ group on December 30; this will represent our 67th performance since our inception.